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Autumn photo session: ideas and advice.

The most beautiful time of the year has come - autumn. And personally, I think that losing the opportunity to arrange an autumn photo session is an impermissible luxury, because every day nature pleases us with new colors and shades. This is exactly the unique time of the year when you want to remember and save every day and every moment. Autumn photo session on nature guarantees juicy and colorful photos that will preserve your emotions and sensations not only in memory, but also in the photo. In order to make the autumn photo session a special one, I recommend planning and selecting the clothes, accessories and attributes in advance, which of course I help. I have a lot of ideas for the autumn photo shoot, write to me, and we realize all the most interesting! Immediately I can offer you some classic ideas for an autumn photo walk:

1. Autumn photo session in the forest. Such a survey will be especially good when the leaves have already turned yellow and partially fallen. You can always throw them in the frame, keep them near your face, create a wreath of leaves, or look out of a crimson-yellow grove. 2. Photo session in the reeds. Such a survey is suitable for November, when the paint is already faded, but the sun is still shining. It will gently highlight the fluffy stalks of reeds, thereby creating a special atmosphere in the photo. 3. Autumn picnic in nature. It is always a good idea for both individual and family photo shoots. You can always fill the basket with seasonal fruits and vegetables, be it apples, pumpkin or pear. they will surely look harmonious in the frame.

4. Photoshoot with animals. This picture is always relevant and autumn is no exception. Animals will look especially good in tone: big brown dogs, yellow ducklings or noble horses. 5. Autumn photo session in the village. The village is good at any time of the year, but in the fall it is especially filled with atmospheric warmth and hospitality familiar from childhood. The attributes of the village always look harmonious in the autumn tonality. I will not stop urging you to hold an autumn photo shoot for pregnant women and family photo shoots with children. Such a shooting will not only bring a lot of positive emotions and bring you closer to your family, but also show your love, tenderness and family warmth. Just imagine how pleasant it will be for you to revise these photos in 5, 10, 20 years! Sure it's worth it! Autumn photo walk can be a great gift for your loved ones.

Of course, I always help to choose an image and clothes for a photo shoot. In the fall, I recommend clothing that is in harmony with the nature of bright colors: yellow, burgundy, rich green. Or, on the contrary, neutral muted tones: blue, beige, brown, gray. All sorts of warm accessories always look cozy: hats, scarves, shawls, cardigans, coats, etc. And, of course, always in the top of a sweater with a large viscous, because they add to the picture the volume and relief.

I would be glad to become your photographer, write!

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