I love creating brand content. I believe that a photographer for brands is not only a person who will create a properly illuminated and technical frame, but it is a creative unit that can show a product or service from a favorable point of view, showing its competitive advantages in the frame. He is also a person who always follows trends and can create content that can raise the organic reach of the audience. I worked both on creating content for brands, and on creating a menu of restaurants, advertising in magazines and outdoor advertising, and more.

And the second part of my career that is no less significant for me is working with people. I like to photograph portraits of people, while showing their character and essence. I work both with ordinary people who have never been photographed, and with models, bloggers and actors.

If you liked my work, write to me and we will discuss all the details of your future photo shoot.

best wishes,
Alyona Slostina